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Web Design and Development

NEDORK is your professional Web design and Web Development full-service provider. With our 5+ years of experience, we will help you to build your website scratch. We provide a unique design that can help you launch or re-brand your business flawlessly.

Start Website Form Scratch

Do you have a Business or Company? Want to create a new website to grow up your business? We are here to help you to create a new website from Scratch.

Rank Your Product on Amazon

Amazon is a great marketplace for business. We are a team of 4 members with 30+ workers. We’re working in this area about 5 years long. We provide amazon account management, product optimization, bulk product upload, grow up sales, digital marketing, Product ranking, wishlist, giftlist, shopping list, add to cart etc

Company Introduction

NEDORK is your professional Web Design and Development full-service provider. With 5+ years of experience, we will help your website move from average to outstanding. We provide a unique marketing strategy that can help you launch or re-brand your business flawlessly.

Our dedicated will provide peace of mind. Our servers are SSL certified and have fast loading times; which means, your site will load quickly for both your visitors and search engine bots. When your website ranks well; you have a winning online presence and a successful business.

Google ranking depends on it. So, research your domain name and choose wisely.

Let’s build your mobile-friendly, SEO ready, fast loading website design.

What’s the point of owning a website if no one will take notice and see it!?

Digital Marketing Experts

Our dedication to providing you with a triumphant website does not stop there. We have established SEO services that will ensure your site has the best technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. We do not overlook anything when it comes to building the perfect site. We build websites that can pass 99 percent of professional SEO auditing tools. We are your web design experts.

Our copywriting services ensure the web-copy on your site is engaging for both algorithms and humans alike. We combine SEO into the design and development of your website from the very beginning. We have SEO backlink outreach services which adhere to Google’s guidelines. Parxavenue will help your site reach the top positions of all major search engines, and outrank your competition. We work very hard to rank your website Local, Provincial, National, & International!

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SEO-focused web design

Graphic design is an essential component for web development and design, but our achievements go well beyond visuals and media. Technical & On-page SEO best practices could mean the difference between a website with a visible online presence that directly builds brand awareness and one that barely registers on the radar of a business’s core audience.

Crucial it’s become, to select professional web designers that can also manage essential SEO requirements. Parxavenue’s in-house search engine optimization offerings include:

Website Audits

Website Audits: Parxavenue runs a full scan of your website to identify factors that could be inhibiting your site’s search ranking, performance, and ability to engage visitors.

Our Most Recently Built Websites

Here are some of the web design projects our professional web developers have had the pleasure to work on. For more information about professional web design or mobile web design, please contact us online or call us at +8801763185811

NEDORK Mobile Web Design

Responsive Text

Subheadings should not take up three or four lines of text

Bounce Rate

Google keeps track of how long users stay on your site

User Experience

Responsive web design with a perfected structure

Responsive Images

Images must be responsive to scale up and down


A great framework to use for mobile responsive websites

Amazon Web Services

Copy Writing / Article Marketing

As they always say, content is the king. It is a vital tool for you as an online seller. It enables you to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and plans with your customers. ZonRank will help product content marketing by:

Creating high-quality and engaging content with backlinks to your Amazon products
On page optimization with product super URLs
Web copy that will convert
Quality ad copy to draw attention

Walmart Product Ranking

Walmart Ranking Services

Product ranking is very important for any ecommerce marketplace. When people search by keyword for exact product then the product need to stay on first page to find out easily for the customers. So the walmart sellers must need to research keyword for product and rank the product for that keywords. To make more sales sellers need to use this service.

We can boost product ranking and sales in Walmart. We have been focusing on complete SEO for any products. This includes things such as:

Purchase | Reviews | Voting | Wishlist | List mania etc:

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